Rebecca (1979) Jeremy Brett. BBC 4-Part production


Rebecca (1979) Jeremy Brett. BBC 4-Part production

Note: never released officially on Vhs or dvd; refer to listing details.

This BBC 4-part production stars Jeremy Brett as Maxim de Winter, Joanna David as the second Mrs. de Winter, Anna Massey as Mrs. Danvers, and Terence Hardiman as Frank Crawley, with Vivian Pickles as Beatrice Lacey.
The 4 parts have a total running time of 200 minutes.

This was reportedly du Maurier's favourite adaptation of her novel.

This 2-Disc set comes in a dual slim case with full colour
artwork. Both discs have full interactive menus. Discs ship in padded mailers.

* This print has some minor flaws: The end credits of part one are not quite complete. There are two noticable but very brief dropouts in part 4.
This was a transfer from a VHS copy, and therefore is not as
pristine as a digital copy would be.
Overall quality is about 7/10 (vhs quality).
The sound does hiss at high volume.
Format: NTSC on DVD-R
Region: multi-region '0'(free) so will play worldwide on standard dvd players.
It is quite watchable, or it would not be offered.