The Leaving of Liverpool (1992)


The Leaving of Liverpool (1992) Rare!

This is not an official dvd set as it has never been released on dvd.
A poignant and forceful saga which traces the fortunes of two English children uprooted from their beloved Liverpool dockside to the alien environment of Australia in the years following World War Two. Their childhoods are stolen from them in so called 'centres of care' where they are brutalised by those whose responsibility was to equip them for their new life. Their extraordinary strength of character and love for each other enables them to break free of the dehumanising world into which they have been thrown.

A wonderful film and a must for collectors of films with Liverpool connections. Runtime: 194 minues.
Format: NTSC Multi-Region '0'(free) so will play on all dvd players including PAL formatted dvd players.
Quality: 8.0/10 (better than video)
Presentation: case with artwork to cover and disc.