Twist of Fate (1989), (Pursuit), Veronica Hamel, Ben Cross

Twist of Fate (1989), (Pursuit), Veronica Hamel, Ben Cross

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Twist of Fate (1989), (Pursuit), Veronica Hamel, Ben Cross


TWIST OF FATE (1989), (also released as 'PURSUIT'. Starring, Veronica Hamel, Ben Cross.

Note: this has never been released on dvd for retail sale, only video (over 20 yars ago) but now out of print in video format.

SS-Lieutenant Colonel Helmut Von Schreader conceives an unusual plan to escape the aftermath of the Second World War by disguising himself as a Jewish Concentration Camp victim. Under the alias of Ben Grossman, Von Schreader is liberated from the camps and immigrates to Palestine where he joins the Zionist movement. Twenty five years later, living as a hero of Israel and a General in the Israeli Army, the underground SS organization ODESSA locates Von Schreader and orders to him to again serve the cause of the Third Reich.

Format:NTSC on DVD-R
Region: Region '0'(free)so will play on all standard dvd players.
Source: video to dvd copy transfer/remaster.
Quality: 7/10 video quality (picture and sound)
Runtime: 180 minutes (approx)
Presentation: full dvd case with cover art.


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